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Benefits of Suburban Living

Philadelphia is a great location for work. It’s a wonderful place to visit, catch a concert or sports event, go shopping and sightseeing, and more. But it can be a bit too busy, crowded, and noisy for many. That’s why so many Pennsylvanians choose to live in the surrounding suburbs. Though there’s lots of great suburban communities to call home in the Philly area, there’s one area that tops the list: Chester County!

A Laid-Back Location

The words “city” and “quiet” don’t really complement each other. Philly is such a focal point for activity, that peace and quiet is in short supply. From sporting events to parades to everyday traffic, the city thrives on constant activity. Some locals love that hustle and bustle. Others prefer surroundings that are more tranquil.

If you enjoy more serene surroundings, then Chester County is the perfect place for you. While it’s not located in the hinterlands, ChesCo (as it’s lovingly called by locals) offers residents all the best elements of the city and the country. Drive a few miles down any road, and you’ll see local stores, business centers, and schools. Go down a side street for a few miles and you may see a local horse trainer applying his craft to new students.

That unique mix is ideal for anyone who enjoys convenience, comfort, and quiet.


Chester County does have a touch of the country to it, but it’s also incredibly close to Philly. So if you’re commuting to the city for work or school, you won’t have to travel very far or very long. Chester County’s major roadway, U.S. Route 202, connects the community with I-95 North, the Schuylkill Expressway, and U.S. Route 1 for easy commuting to Center City, North Philadelphia, South Philly, Manayunk, and all of the surrounding areas.

Chester County is also extremely close to other popular Philadelphia counties, such as Delaware (AKA DelCo), Montgomery, Lancaster, and Bucks. Plus, residents can also easily travel to Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York, too.

Top-Rated School Systems

One of the main reasons many families flock to Chester County is to enroll their kids in some of the state’s best grade, middle, and high schools. West Chester Area School District, one of ChesCo’s highly-rated school systems, lets children enjoy an exceptional education.

Chester County is also home to some of the best colleges and universities in the state, including West Chester University, Widener University - Exton Campus, and Immaculata University.

More Green Areas

Unlike the city (and even other area suburbs), Chester County offers its residents access to lots of great parks, recreational facilities, and green spaces. Whether you want to have a Sunday picnic, watch the leaves change colors in the fall, take a hike, ride a bike, walk the dog or play ball, Chester County’s parks and trails are there for you.

These are just a few of the many reasons ChesCo rates high on the list of best Philadelphia suburbs. And New Kent ranks high on the list for best Chester County, PA apartments! Located in West Chester (just outside the borough), New Kent apartments offer multiple floor plan options that are perfect for anyone who is eager to call Chester County their new home.

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